Colour Psychology

Sarah Clark

I'm a freelance graphic designer, church volunteer and first time mum with a passion for bringing a new level of creativity into churches through inspiring leaders and providing resources. My goal is to be able to self-fund my ministry goals through my freelance projects while being able to work from home and be a full-time mum, and I want to help others do the same.

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Orton says:

    Great insight. Everyone has seen those designs which hurt your eyes, it’s like trying to add all the primary colours together when you’re painting by mixing them up, you’re never going to end up with a good look. These colours need to be picked not simply based on their individual qualities, but on their ability to compliment eachother. Text needs to contrast with the backgrounds, and a theme is very important.

    Check out: It’s a creative community where people from around the world create
    and share colors, palettes and patterns.

  2. Thanks for the great resource Paul! A very interesting site indeed!

  3. lodders says:

    Interesting, but what happens when dealing with people from other cultures?
    Because colours mean different things in different cultures – it maybe something to be factored in – imagine doing missionary work and bringing gifts which have colours that are considered a cultural “no, no”.

    Would it be fair to say that in Western culture, we are conditioned to what these colours mean subconsciously?

    An interesting article:

  4. Thanks Lodders, you made some great points!

    It’s very true that culture has a huge impact on the effects colours have on us. We can make a lot of general observations but we do need to be careful with colours that could be offensive or inappropriate in different cultures- particularly when doing missionary work.

    The article you found is very interesting- it backs up a lot of what I’ve covered but goes into depth about the different cultural significances with the colours. Thanks for the great link!

  1. December 30, 2010

    […] books, we should really be choosing a few colours that contrast with each other, and, ones that appeal to the psychology of our target […]

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