10 Unique Ways to Use Business Cards in Your Church

There are a whole lot of ways that you can creatively use business cards in your church or ministry, from discipleship and prayer to team points in your youth and kids ministries.

Here’s 10 great ideas on using business cards creatively in your ministry!

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1. Scripture Cards

Scripture cards are a great way to help your church remember significant scriptures or memory verses. Some people use them as bookmarks, others give them to friends for encouragement.

The team from 4 Store are using scripture cards to help children learn the memory verse, known as the “RAM” (Random Access Memory) that is taught in their video curriculum lessons for children.

Even if you don’t own the video curriculum, you can still use these as great cards for kids to remember the memory verses!

You can check out these “RAM” cards at their website.

2. Event Calendar Cards

How does your community know about all the events at your church?

Instead of giving out a large church calendar, why not put it on a small business card that can fit inside their wallet?

My old youth ministry used to give out event calendar cards every term. It gave their youth kids the opportunity to invite their friends by giving out the cards at school and during the week.

3. Invitation Cards

Invitations are great for the church to give out to the community, and are better than usual paper invitations because they look more professional, they are small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket and they are thicker than paper, so they last longer!

4. Church Vision Cards

Print your vision and prayer goals on a card to give to your team.
The compact size means they can carry it with them everywhere as a constant reminder of what they are aiming for, and what your team vision is.

5. Points Cards

In a youth or kids ministry, there are always opportunities and games where you are awarding points to teams or individuals.

By printing points on cards, you can give kids a tangible token that they can win, instead of just announcing the points. Sometimes a tangible points system can be more effective, and kids get more excited by the potential of receiving points for their team.

You can also hide these cards around the room, or play games where it is hard to reach the cards or they have to complete challenges to find them. It will give you a new range of ways to play games!

6. Witnessing Cards

You can give your kids a card that has the full salvation prayer on it in a simple, fun format that they don’t feel embarrassed to share with their friends. Kids that are too shy to tell their friends about Jesus can be encouraged and helped by having a small guide on them that can help them to lead their friends to God!

7. Cue Cards

If you are running a special event, you can use business cards with a single side design as cue cards for your MC or host. This has a very professional look, much like a TV game show or live event. It means that the speaker can look at their notes from the palm of their hand, without looking amateur.

All you need on the back is your church logo, and you are done!

8. Fundraising cards

When you are needing to raise some funds for your ministry, why not create some cards that you can give people as a thank you for donating? It’s always great to give something back instead of just asking for money. That is why most charities or fundraisers involve selling chocolates, ribbons, pens or badges. People generally like to get something to recognise their gift.

9. Loyalty Cards (stamp/holepunch)

It’s a great idea to use a loyalty program in your kids ministry. How does it work? Well, every time a child attends, brings their bible, brings a friend, or remembers the memory verse from the previous week, they get a stamp on their loyalty card.

It is kind of like having a points system for each individual child, that encourages them to get involved. When they collect a certain number of points, they receive a prize.

Planetkids (the Children’s Ministry at Planetshakers City Church) has a loyalty card called the “Frequent Flyer Card.” When a child receives enough points or stamps to fill the card, they move onto the next level card. Each card has new prizes along the way, and children get excited and motivated to try and reach the next level! These can also be found at the 4 Store for purchase.

10. Prayer Cards

You can use a one-sided card with a white space to write the things you or your team are praying for. This is a great way to submit prayer requests, and keeps a good record for later when those prayers are answered!

4 Store has “iPray” and “iThank” cards like this, where children can write their prayers on the first card and hand them to their leaders who will pray with them about what they have written. Then when their prayers are answered, they can write a thank you note to Jesus on the “iThank” cards. These cards are larger than business cards, but were such a great idea that I just had to mention them on this list! You can also buy your own “iPray” and “iThank” cards from the 4 Store.

That’s it! If you’ve got any other interesting ideas then let us know!

Once you’ve got some ideas, all you need to do is get your design (or pay someone to do it for you) and get your cards printed!

Sarah Clark

I'm a freelance graphic designer, church volunteer and first time mum with a passion for bringing a new level of creativity into churches through inspiring leaders and providing resources. My goal is to be able to self-fund my ministry goals through my freelance projects while being able to work from home and be a full-time mum, and I want to help others do the same.

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