FREE beautiful space photos from N.A.S.A.

I love looking at some of the amazing space photography that N.A.S.A. takes during their missions. God’s creativity and the fact that we still haven’t discovered most of it yet is mind-blowing! Wouldn’t it be great it we could capture more of God’s creative works in our church and in our own artwork? There are so many great photographs from space that would be a great starting point for a design, even if your not looking for an ‘outer space’ theme.

NASA photo NASA photo

What most people don’t realise, including myself until recently, is that you can actually use any of N.A.S.A.’s photos for free, as long as you correctly credit them according to their terms and conditions.

Instead of trying to find or create a realistic space illustration, how much better would it be to use the photos that are taken directly from space? Some of the things you will find in the N.A.S.A. archives are amazing… you have to see it for yourself.

NASA Photo

NASA Photo

Here’s where you can check them out:

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