Thinking outside the box: Cadbury Makes Its Google+ Page Out of Chocolate

I love seeing new ideas and found this to be some creative inspiration worth sharing.

Cadbury has created a chocolate version of its Google+ page to celebrate the 500,000 fans on its page.

The delicious replica was created using layers of Cadbury Dream and Dairy Milk chocolate poured over a base of Dairy Milk bars.

Edible inks were printed onto sugar paper to create the Page’s buttons and photos of fans, and were pasted onto the chocolate base using liquid Dairy Milk as glue.

I love this idea… Imagine the joy of whoever gets to eat this masterpiece!

You can read more at Mashable

Today’s challenge: Get inspired by this idea and think about some out-of-the-box creative ideas that you can use in your ministry.

Sarah Clark

I'm a freelance graphic designer, church volunteer and first time mum with a passion for bringing a new level of creativity into churches through inspiring leaders and providing resources. My goal is to be able to self-fund my ministry goals through my freelance projects while being able to work from home and be a full-time mum, and I want to help others do the same.

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